The CPI has urged Vice President Joe Biden to end all US support for Pakistan.

As a result of the assaults on minorities, notably Christians and their churches, the CPI pleaded on US Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday to end all financial and military assistance to Pakistan.

It also called for the United Nations to step in to prevent things from becoming any worse.

In light of this onslaught on Pakistan’s religious minority, we urge Vice President Joe Biden to end the United States’ military and financial support for Pakistan. When assisting Christians, he should remember the persecution they’ve faced and the destruction of their churches. Atul Kumar Anjan, national secretary of the CPI, told reporters in Patna that “the minorities, including the Christians, are in extreme trouble there.”

The Left leader said the United Nations “should warn Pakistan and should take care of the minorities there,” implying that the Pakistani government had manufactured a communal conflict under the guise of blasphemy laws to deflect public attention away from the country’s economic disaster.

A two-day meeting of the CPI’s Bihar state council was being held here, and Anjan was there to participate. He said his party had to speak out against the persecution of minorities in Pakistan since the Indian government had been silent.

When asked whether the CPI will also make a plea to the US President and the UN on the current ethnic and sectarian violence in Manipur, he sidestepped the topic.

We will lobby the United States to get India a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, Anjan said.

Anjan criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that the country would have to continue suffering through high unemployment, inflation, communalism, and the destruction of constitutional institutions and democracy. Modi made these claims in his Independence Day speech, which was delivered at Delhi’s Red Fort.

The CPI leader said that Smriti Irani, the Union minister for women and child development, had ignored the plight of women in Manipur.

She shouldn’t be trusted with the position of minister for the advancement of women and children. In her address to the Lok Sabha, she called for the abolition of women’s clothing. Instead of engaging in political catwalk and flaunting a new sari every day, we want her to demonstrate social care and accountability, Anjan added.

The Left’s leader reiterated that despite the CPI’s support for the INDIA alliance, no one should underestimate the group’s potential to launch a surprise attack.

We plan to run candidates in 40–45 Lok Sabha seats throughout India in the next elections. In September, our state agencies will complete them. We do not want to sow division among the Opposition, thus we will not say how many seats we want to run for in Bihar. Anjan said, “However, the number ought to be respectable.”

CPI is a huge celebration. All other communist parties in the nation may trace their roots back to this one. There is no significance to the national party label. Our presence may be felt everywhere. We are essential to the success of any front, he said.

This publication was informed by sources inside the Grand Alliance in Bihar that the CPI could be limited to one Lok Sabha seat in the state (Begusarai) in the upcoming 2024 elections.

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