G7 countries condemn China’s economic pressure and Russia’s aggressiveness

The Group of 7, which includes the leaders of the United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, and Italy, concluded their summit at Hiroshima, Japan.

In light of Russia’s continued conflict in Ukraine, the G7 countries decided to increase sanctions against Moscow. They also issued a statement in which they expressed grave worries about China’s militarization of the East and South China Seas. Members said that they seek to create instruments to fight against and protect against China’s technical and economic coercion.

On HNN’s Sunrise Weekends, Dave Stilwell, a former assistant secretary of state for East Asia and the Pacific, discussed the key lessons learned and what they represent for the U.S.’s ties with China and Russia.

To deal with the debt limit talks, Biden postponed meetings in Australia and Papua New Guinea and returned to Washington, DC. The United States, Japan, Australia, and India instead gathered in Tokyo.

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